Friday, September 9, 2011

Rip-tooth: A worthy successor to Hinrichsen's FIELD Prize-winning Kurosawa's Dog

In the latest issue of the
Notre Dame Review, Dennis Hinrichsen, 2010 winner of the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry, received praise for his TR Prize book, Rip-tooth (University of Tampa Press, 2011).

It’s a compliment to read that Rip-tooth is a “worthy successor” to Hinrichsen’s widely praised 2008 FIELD Poetry Prize-winning book,
Kurosawa's Dog, and a further honor that the NDR reviewer finds common elements with Kevin Prufer’s new book, In a Beautiful Country (Four Way Books, 2011), since Prufer has just been described as “an absolutely necessary poet.”

Our thanks to NDR, where some of Hinrichsen’s poems first appeared. Look for Rip-tooth on the UT Press site.

Transcription: Dennis Hinrichsen, Rip-tooth, University of Tampa Press, 2011. Hinrichsen's new volume is a worthy successor to Kurosawa's Dog (2008), which included poems from NDR. It also has a certain amount in common with Kevin Prufer's book. Hinrichsen, too, grapples with history in the context of lyric subjectivity and family myth: "Johnny Cash is dead. / There are no more drive-ins, no USSR, // summer days at Lake McBride, / no more of Linda's laughter as light as a wren's. // History resolves into a man's nose / my uncle bites off // in a Colorado bar."

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