Friday, January 27, 2012

Moving Days: Part Three

Photograph by Alina Ryabovolova. Carl Mario Nudi (left), TBAS Letterpress Coordinator, at the Vandercook 4 with Nathan Deuel (right).
It was a sticky summer day not that long ago when the necessity of moving the Tampa Book Arts Studio became apparent. The nuances of the move had seemed daunting when laid out on blueprint paper and tiny measuring-tape-markings blocked out on an empty stone floor. And for weeks, as this move progressed, it was the slog of many to endure – and many to whom we are all grateful. Though now on a grey Florida winter afternoon and after at least a hundred-tons of precise pushes, pulls, and slight nudges – it is safe to say that the new Tampa Books Arts Studio has been reborn at 214 North Boulevard, Tampa, Florida.

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An Editor's Honor

Jeff Parker, UT MFA Director (left) / Richard Mathews (right) 
Photograph by Alina Ryabovolova
A new research article in the 25th Anniversary Issue of Sensations Magazine, a literary journal published in Lafayette, New Jersey, lists our very own Richard Mathews as one of the four longest-serving literary magazine editors currently active in America. With him and sharing this honor are Barney Rosset of Evergreen Review and two others. The full article with official rankings of the top-50 editors is available in the latest issue at The research was conducted by long-standing publisher and executive editor of Sensations Magazine, David Messineo.

Details from the Sensations Magazine Press Release:
"Written by Publisher David Messineo, our new published research article "50 Over 25 - Honoring the Longevity of America's Literary Magazine Editors and Poetry Reading Series" offers a detailed list of currently active (35) and retired or deceased (15) American litmag editors, poetry editors, and fiction editors who have offered 25 or more years of service to America's writers.  Two independent book publishers who have been active in the poetry/fiction publishing genre for 25+ years, and 5 others expected to reach 25 years of service by 2015, round out the first portion of the article.  A detailed list of the longest lasting, still active poetry reading series in America — all operating 25 years or more — closes out the article.  The article is published in Sensations  Magazine Issue 49, Part 2, Winter 2011."