Friday, November 14, 2014

Celebrating Sixty Years of Craftsmanship

Sixty Years of Prints & Wood
 (paperback edition)

Spokane artist and craftsman Gale Mueller began making relief prints as greeting cards on a nipping press for Christmas 1953. In the sixty years and many prints that have followed he has excelled in his own flavor of skillful printmaking—and in the process become a much-loved and admired printer and wood engraver. Sixty Years of Prints & Wood Engravings, a new publication from University of Tampa Press, collects the evidence of this lifetime of printing to show what a substantial body of work can result from an activity one does out of love.

To heighten your anticipation of our upcoming December 1 publication of Sixty Years of Prints & Wood Engravings we’re glad to share a few spreads from the book and to present a special pre-publication purchase offer.

These few prints are only a small sampling of all that the book offers—Sixty Years of Prints & Wood Engravings reproduces over 125 prints, including 24 color reproductions of multicolor relief prints.

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From the “Barns & Doors” section

From the “Fauna” section

From the “Miscellaneous” section

From the “Portraits” section
Frederic Goudy, left, and Johann Gutenberg

“There is a distinctly personal dimension . . . at times humorous, occasionally whimsical but never inappropriate or gratuitous. It is his manner to observe the telling qualities of a subject, respect its uniqueness as he expresses it and then, often but not always, embellish it with a touch of his own unique essence . . . His work indicates that a human hand, guided by a human heart, has carved the design.”
– From the Foreword to the book by Welford D. Taylor –

– Special Prepublication Offer –
Sixty Years of Prints & Wood Engravings is available as a limited edition hand-bound hardback that includes a signed frontispiece wood engraving printed by the artist from the original block. This edition—limited to only 60 copies, only 50 of which are for sale—is available at a special prepublication price of $50—only through November 30, 2014. Price upon publication December 1, 2015, will be $60.

Sixty Years of Prints & Wood Engravings
is also available in a Paperback Edition.