Friday, September 9, 2011

Fresh from the Cleaners - A Preview of "White Shirt" by Christopher Buckley

Here's a preview of Christopher Buckley's latest collection of poetry, White Shirt (officially going on sale next week through the University of Tampa Press site and Amazon). We just finished unpacking the first shipments today and couldn't be more excited with the final result.

Keep a look out for updates coming next week regarding availability and where to pick up a copy.

Christopher Buckley, who is the author of 17 books of poetry, teaches Creative Writing at the University of California Riverside. He received the 2009 Tampa Review Prize for Poetry for his collection,
Rolling the Bones (available here), among many other notable distinctions.

"Whether he is addressing his departed friend(s) . . . or the great swell of the Pacific Ocean that haunts his dreams, the voice is always the same, modest and direct. This is a humble poetry of great truths and profound emotions . . ."
- Philip Levine, writing in Ploughshares

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