Wednesday, September 21, 2011

“Never So Eloquently & Persistently Pursued”: Buckley’s Rolling the Bones Reviewed in Depth

We are happy to report that in the recent edition of New Letters Magazine (vol.77, Nos 3 & 4), book reviewer Walter Bargen gave Christopher Buckley's collection of poetry, Rolling the Bones (University of Tampa Press, 2010), a positively enlightening and thorough study.

The review, which was titled, Give God Another Chance, is a sincere breakdown of Buckley's underlying philosophy that is prevalent throughout
Rolling the Bones. It is an interesting read, as Bargen is careful to pay homage to the "eloquently and persistent" way Buckley can make sense of "the large unanswerable questions that have dogged humanity since the beginning."

If I have a soul, I imagine
it's much like a '50s transistor
radio, palm-sized, pulling in static
from so far away, who knows
what they're saying.
- Christopher Buckley, Rolling the Bones

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