Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Largest Tampa Review Is Now Shipping . . . .

"Magic Carpet" by Robert Zakanitch hangs near the entrance to Scarfone Hartley Gallery.

Tampa Review 43/44 is the largest hardback issue to date. In fact, at over 150 pages, this double issue is mythic! From cover to cover, there are literary and artistic surprises at every turn, including some playful touches from the editor. It opens with “Exit,” a work of visual art by Scott Treleavan. And it ends with “Dog Days,” by Gilbert Allen, giving an ironic nod to the heat and humidity in which the final design and editorial work on the issue were completed.

Robert Zakanitch, whose influential art has helped shape both Color Field painting and the Pattern and Decoration movement, evokes the mythic imagination in works from his Magic Carpet series, like the one that appears on our cover.

Jen Fawkes draws Ulysses and the Cyclops into her story, “A Moment on the lips,” and James Doyle puts a fairy tale spin on the mythic impulse in his poem, “Sleeping Beauty.” Various American pop cultural myths appear in variations of the American Dream, as in Julie Iromouyna’s story “Only in America” or Margarite Landry’s “Soap,” in which the American Dream takes the form of an old boyfriend who suddenly shows up larger-than-life beautiful and successful on a television soap opera so sexy that “her heart pounds in her throat.”

There is new fiction from Gilbert Allen, Jen Fawkes, Chris Gaveler, Roger Hart, John Holman, Julie Iromuanya, Margarite Landry, Colin Chan Redemer, Mary Hutchings Reed, Sam Ruddick, and Karen Stefano. Nonfiction from Paul Crenshaw, Gary Fincke, Rebecca Huntman, Rebecca McClanahan, and W. Scott Olsen. Poets in this issue include Lavonne Adams, Sheri Allen, Cynthia Atkins, Robert Bense, Lorna Blake, Billy Collins, Jessica Cuello, Ron De Maris, James Doyle, Kerry James Evans, Juliana Gray, Stephen Kampa, Lance Larsen, Michael Lauchlan, Peter Meinke, William Miller, Travis Mossotti, Thomas Reiter, Martin Rock, J. Allyn Rosser, Ernst Stadler, Marjorie Stelmach, Ellen Sullins, Jesse Wallis, Charles Harper Webb, and Will Wells. The featured cover artist is Robert Rahway Zakanitch, and the issue also includes a conversation on campus with Kendra Frorup and Richard Mathews. Other visual artists are Terri Garland, Dan Graham, Steven Husby, Valerie Jaudon, J.M. Lennon, Alex Maclean, Malerie Marder, Scott Roberts, Wayne Thiebaud, Hanssie Trainor, Scott Treleavan, J. Parker Valentine, and Max Warsh.

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