Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Official Release of Steve Kowit’s Cherish

Today is the Autumn Equinox and the ideal publication day for poet Steve Kowit’s Cherish: New and Selected Poems. Steve celebrated excess and delight, but he particularly praised balance, and this day balanced at the turn from summer to fall, a symbolic day of equal light and dark, would have pleased Steve as the official publication date for a host of complex and inexplicable reasons.  Even after seven books, he had not lost his sense of pleasure at the arrival of a new proofs, a new printed book, or a new season of the year. Though he passed away suddenly in his sleep on April 2 and never held his latest finished book in his hands, he gathered and arranged these new and selected poems with care and attention. We are glad to know that readers can now share the experience described perfectly by Dorianne Laux: “How fine to have in our hands . . . the lucid, voluptuous, exuberant poems of Steve Kowit.”

Cherish: New and Selected Poems

– by Steve Kowit –

Available in both paperback and hardback editions

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